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What Will Your Septic Portland Wastewater System Deliver?

It’s something we all need to deal with each and every day.  Sewage and waste are a part of living and running our homes, but the way in which we manage them can have lasting effects our world and ourselves.  For about 30% of Oregon residents a septic system is the design of choice.  Those with a septic, Portland homeowners and commercial businesses both, are taking advantage of all the benefits this system delivers.

Reduced Costs and Less Concern

When you have a septic Portland wastewater system you will not receive a monthly water reclamation bill or sewer charge.  You can expect to invest a few thousand dollars in your Portland septic system, but without any monthly upkeep or charges for usage.  Regular maintenance in the form of cleaning or pumping is needed every three to five years and will cost somewhere around $200 to $400.  Keeping this schedule and using the septic system properly will ensure it lasts for decades, meaning you’ll be saving a fair bit of money over the long term.

Over time you will need to invest in some repairs to your septic Portland system, or upgrade to the latest technologies such as the Alternative Treatment Technologies (or ATT).  You call also choose to use bacteria additives like the Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) to speed up the breakdown of solids and maintain a safe level of nitrogen in the tank.  Research and development in the industry brings new advancements to the forefront, making Portland septic systems safer and even more efficient.

Lately commercial septic system monitors have been introduced, helping owners and tenants to have a better idea of waste levels in order to schedule pumping services in good time.  All of these systems and additives are beneficial but none of them replace the need for a thorough pumping and physical inspection of the tank and system.

More Opportunities for Conservation

Having a septic Portland wastewater system offers you additional reasons to be environmentally conscious.  A septic system means that the homeowner is directly responsible for the sewage and holds it for a time in their yard.  That close proximity makes most people keener on water conservation and proper waste disposal, spilling over into environmental benefits for the whole planet.

Septic Portland wastewater systems work best with the right amount of water flowing through.  Putting in aerators on taps and faucets and upgrading to low flow toilets keeps water usage in check, which is good for the septic as well as the environment.  Make sure the water level doesn’t fall too low or the bacteria population will be thrown off balance.  A professional septic Portland contractor can help you to decide whether a FLASH system would help to eliminate that risk.

Simple Use and Easy Maintenance

With straightforward use and maintenance, septic Portland systems are growing in popularity.  All plumbing fixtures, including your sink, toilet, bath and shower are connected to the system in the same way as a sewer.

Keep harmful cleaning fluids such as bleach and stain removers out of the drain, as well as paint and motor oil.  Fruit, vegetables and other kitchen scraps can be put through a garbage disposal and travel easily through the septic system, although you may need to pump it out more often with repeated use of the disposal.  Don’t flush solid garbage down the toilet, things like cigarette butts or paper, and throw out oil and fat instead of flushing it away down the drain or toilet.  All of these things may clog up the drainage and cause a problem.

Wide Lawns

Often homes with a septic system have wide areas of open, healthy lawn that need to stay that way.  No heavy vehicles or equipment should be parked on the septic bed and trees should be planted far enough away that their root systems will not damage the bed.  Enjoy the large, open spaces of lawn that often grow better from the organics and moisture seeping out.

When designing and installing the landscape in your yard, including decks, patios and fences, make sure that nothing permanently blocks access points for the tank or limits the pumping equipment from direct access.

Your septic Portland wastewater system will deliver straightforward service with no monthly costs, a motivation towards environmental conservation and an attractive lawn.  These benefits, among others, make septic systems a popular and smart way to handle your wastewater.

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