Septic Service In Portland – How Am I Protected?

Septic Problems??


Hire a Qualified Septic Service Contractor

Your septic system does an essential job and deserves to be taken care of.  Finding a qualified, experienced contractor to provide dependable, top of the line septic service is important.  For regular maintenance, inspections and any necessary repairs look for a septic service contractor offering these key features.

Licensed by the DEQ

In Oregon the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is in charge of overseeing septic systems statewide.  Those responsibilities include approving the products used in septic systems such as tanks, piping and drainage, as well as monitoring the processes and equipment used in the disposal of septic waste (sometimes known as septage).  The DEQ issues licenses to disposal and installation contractors and certification that allows them to pump out your tank.

Any septic service company that looks at or cleans your septic system needs to be licensed by the DEQ, giving you an assurance of their competence and compliance of state standards.  Licenses must be renewed regularly, meaning their training and knowledge in the latest technologies must be kept up to date.

Installing Approved Products

Besides being licensed and certified themselves, septic service contractors need to be using products that have been inspected and approved by the DEQ.  Taking the needs and conditions of Oregon into account, the DEQ looks at products and technologies and approves those that will work best in this area.  You can trust that approval process and know that the safety of your home and our environment is taken care of.

If a product is brand new and untested insist on DEQ approval before it is installed.  You may be convinced of the advantage the latest technology delivers but without the state approval you’re running a great risk financially and otherwise.

Insured and Bonded

These qualifications have less to do with the septic system and more to do with protecting you and your investment.  Finding a contractor who is bonded and insured will give you peace of mind when dealing with this complicated system.

Bonded contractors go through a criminal record check and are found to be trustworthy and responsible to handle valuables.  Since the equipment and the materials they handle are not only valuable, but dangerous, this qualification is desirable.  You need to understand that each individual staff member of a contracting company is bonded, so be sure to ask for only bonded employees for your septic service.

Insurance is actually threefold in this industry.  The septic service contractor will need to have liability insurance that protects your property in the case of damage or accident.  They will also need to have adequate insurance on their vehicles and equipment, given that they handle potentially harmful products.  That insurance will likely require a full license and registration process for validation.

Septic service contractors should also be able to provide proof of full employee insurance coverage, protecting you should an employee be hurt during the job or on your property.  Much like any major home improvement project, these levels of insurance should keep you well protected during the job and afterwards.


What you need for your home is an experienced septic service contractor.  The company should be well known throughout Portland and the entire state of Oregon and be able to provide recent references.  Look for a company that’s been around for ten years or more and has been licensed with the DEQ for that whole length of time.  No matter how small or large the contractor or your job is, to get the best work done hire an established, experienced septic service contractor qualified in the areas above and get it done right.

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